Hands Of Grace Church
Hands Of Grace Church


Contact us via our Contact Us page if your interested in any of our events listed below.

Sunday Service

 Sunday Service

Every Sunday @ 11am 

Join our Sunday Gatherings which are always full of life. Our focus is on WORSHIP, COMMUNION, GOD’S WORD & FELLOWSHIP. Gods word is sure to bring life transforming teachings from the Bible. Visitors are always welcome to join us and you will feel right at home in the house of the lord.

Bible Study

Every Fortnightly on Wednesdays from 7pm-8.30pm at differnet homes. Also study conducted through social Media on Thursdays

Childrens Church & Youth

Every Sunday 11.45am  after the worship . Also various activities for youth like Basketball, Soccer, Pin bowling, Skating,Movie Nights.

Fast and Pray

Fast and Pray is conducted once a month on a Saturday evening, AND All Night prayer once in 2 months.

Ladies Meetings

Conducted Saturdays once in two months, with lot of activities for women, cooking, knitting, etc.

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